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Best tree house

Before many developers question of what type of wood to build a house. During the construction of a wooden house from time immemorial given preference coniferous trees - larch, pine and spruce. No wonder the people was common proverb: "The hut of fir, but the heart's great!" 
The best known material for wooden construction - pine. It has a solid resin-impregnated core and a loose top. Pine of all softwood is most often used in construction. She has the greatest straightness of the barrel, a minimum number of knots and good technical properties. Pine has a high resistance to decay, but often (especially in July and August) at high humidity tends to "blue in the face." Blueness itself does not alter the physical and mechanical properties of wood but spoils the appearance. Pine - the main material for the construction of wooden houses, as we do, and in Europe (particularly in Finland). 
No less popular building material - spruce. Physical characteristics of these species are very similar. Spruce has a strong outer shell, but the softer core. In dry spruce wood strength is not inferior to pine wood. Spruce is more susceptible to decay, but much less is blue. On the world market is valued higher spruce pine.
Another building material (almost perfect) - the larch, which has a unique and peculiar only to her figure. Larch stronger, denser, and almost not affected by moisture, but harder to handle than pine, and easily breaks. Therefore, larch is ideal as a wall material, but not used on material structures (beams, valleys, rafters, tightening, etc.) However, this material is relatively expensive and not available to everyone.
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