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Round logs

Houses made of logs 
Round logs - tech material, which requires a minimum of manual labor in the construction of the house, as the house is going on the principle of design. All necessary operations are performed rounded logs on-site production, in particular in the choice of rounded logs mounting cups and planting channel. 
The advantage of logs is a smooth, rounded shape that allows you to achieve a tight connection logs. Diameter round logs ranges from 160 to 320 mm. And with the same diameter and high surface quality machine rounded logs do not require a wall decoration.
The advantages of building homes and baths made ​​of logs:
  • precision manufacturing round logs and marking speeds up assembly buildings and reduces the cost of construction; 
  • beautiful appearance of rounded logs thanks to the quality and purity of surface treatment eliminates the need for additional finishing the walls inside and outside; 
  • tightness of the crown and corner joints logs provided technological accuracy and performance of the groove "cups"; 
  • the aesthetic appeal of the buildings constructed using round logs.



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