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Possibility of year-round deliveries of dry firewood 33см and 25см.
Every week 2 trucks. Breeds: beech, hornbeam.
Goods without a mold and dirt, humidity less than 20% are guaranteed.
In the diameter of 5-12 cm. Length 33 +1см (25 +1см).
Packing on 2 cubic meters and on 1 cubic meter, as on a photo. If logs thin, all the same break up in half!
Container easy, but reliable.
2 cubic meters = 1m х 1m х 2m.
1 cubic meter = 1m х 1m х 1m.
Other options of packing, including in grids on 11 kg are possible also.
Price: hornbeam, beech
  • 105 euros FCA for the pallet 2 cubic meters;
  • 60 euros for the pallet 1 cubic meter;
  • 1.40 euro for a grid of 11 kg (80 х24 the pallet) DAP 25cm.
There are with guarantee less than 20% of humidity.
Internal volume of an container of the pallet 1 cubic meter and 2 cubic meters.
Firewood keeps within in one direction in a row.


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