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From which to build a house?

Prior to construction, you need to determine what is needed vacation home. Conditionally country houses can be divided into three broad categories.
Holiday homes
They are designed primarily for summer residence and on the ambient temperature 0 … -5 ° C. The walls of these houses are carried out in the frame design of the beam thickness of 100 - 150 mm, made of logs of small (up to 180 mm) diameters. The total area of the house is usually up to 80 m2.
Typically, these homes are designed for seasonal living, but they can live in the winter. Building structure can withstand ambient temperatures down to -15 … -25 ° C (with regard to the internal heating sources). During the construction of the walls of houses made of timber 150 - 200 mm, made of logs   or chopped logs with a diameter of 200 - 240 mm, bricks, concrete blocks or on the new technology of permanent formwork « Izod ». The total area of the cottages is usually 100 - 150 m2.
House for permanent residence
The name speaks for itself and assumes a constant heating in the winter. They are designed for outdoor temperature up to -40 ° With walls made of corrugated or sawn timber from 200mm and above, insulated or not, made of logs or chopped logs 240 - 280 mm, Technology « Izod », and of stone materials (bricks, concrete blocks, etc.). Typically, the total area of these buildings is more than 150 m2.


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