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Strogan timber

Production at the felling site and build houses from planed timber 
For manual cutting is used eco-friendly, high-quality wood (fir, pine, larch), not infected borer beetle and fungus, which has 45-60% humidity. It is quite easy to process and less deformed during natural drying assembled. Logs are processed manually: Removing bark proteska, sample cups and grooves processing plane.
When such processing is retained upper solid protective layer logs ("sap"). Hewn logs manually less deformed in the process of aging. Corner joints between the logs is performed in the "cup", the crowns are bonded to wood studs (nog) in 1000 - 1500 mm, all the logs are processed antiseptic.
Such houses are warmer than those collected from the logs, their walls are less prone to cracking. And with high-quality processing of logs appearance of these houses is not much inferior to their homes made ​​of logs. 
If you like old Russian or Finnish style houses - it's your stuff!


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